e-Book: Cybersecurity Strategy

An in-depth discussion on cybersecurity as an executive issue and creating a strategy that aligns with business strategy.

Five Steps to Cybersecurity

This document provides a five step process to secure the enterprise from cyber attacks. Written for senior executives it can serve as a guide to address cybersecurity risks at your organization. CIOs can apprise themselves of industry standards, best practices, and an effective process used for cybersecurity.

e-Book – A Guide to Cybersecurity Threats

This e-book takes an indepth look at cyber crime – what is it? what challenges does it present? how to respond to it? Excellent discussion for the CIO to follow in order to create an effective response. (350+ pages)

Cybersecurity Survey (2016)

This comprehensive survey explores the emerging cybersecurity threats and mechanisms to cope with them to prevent harm to the enterprise. It will help CIOs understand,

Cybersecurity Survey (2017)

This survey explores the prevalence of cyber breaches, their impact, actions businesses are taking to protect themselves, and recommends actions to prepare your enterprise for

Global Information Security Survey (2011)

This annual survey tracks the state of security in enterprises across industry and geography to learn what is coming down the security pike, how are others planning for it?, how best to plan for it? An excellent resource for CIOs to create a robust security capability.