DeLone McLean Framework

Comparing the DeLone and McLean Model and the Work System Method

This research studies three different work systems to compare and contrast the two prevailing theories of information systems success namely, the DeLone and McLean Model and Alter’s Work system performance indicators. It proposes an integrated model of information systems success that enhances the two underlying models by incorporating the system users’ perceptions of system problems, opportunities and risks. <br /><br />Note: This is a research dissertation that is both theoretical and long. Get yourself a cup of coffee before you start reading!<br />

Updated DeLone McLean IS Success Model

This paper proposes enhancements to the Delone and McLean Information Systems Success Model based upon 10 years of research since its introduction in 1998.. The authors also discuss the use of this model to assess e-commerce system success. They also make recommendations for current and future measurement of IS success.<br />

Extending the DeLone and McLean IS Success Model

This paper discusses the impact of emerging technology and changing user needs on the success of information systems and proposes an extension to the DeLone and McLean IS Success Model.

Measuring Software Project Success

This paper extends the DeLone and McLean framework to define and measure software project success, software project management success, and software project product success.

The New DeLone and McLean Model

This paper discusses enhancements to the DeLone and McLean Model for information systems success based upon real life implementations and further research and analysis of the original framework which was introduced in 1992.