eBusiness Frameworks

The Four Stages of E-volution

While most U.S. companies have passed through their digital infancy, time is running out for critical decisions on mission, leadership, processes, structure, and talent.

Electronic Business Value Framework (EBV)

This primer introduces electronic business value framework (EBV) which helps an organization identify, select and fund e-commerce opportunities based upon their potential for business value creation.

Social Media Toolkit

This social media toolkit provides guidelines for the use of social media in the workplace – to maximize business value and minimize risks. The toolkit discusses 1) social media policy 2) Web 2.0 legal issues and concerns, and 3) guidelines for employees

e-Strategies: Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit

The toolkit has been prepared for e-government, however, it can become an invaluable part of your eStrategy process if you focus on the "big picture" and not get tangled in the proverbial weeds. Take a macro view to create an analogous toolkit for your organization. Excellent Read!