Global Portal Strategy

This presentation discusses a global portal strategy in the context of localization – global company’s products and services tailored for a local audience.

Using Wikis For Business

This paper defines and describes wikis – taking Wikipedia as an example – in depth and then discusses their use in the corporate context. The author argues that to understand wikis one must focus on two concepts – the simple web based multi-user document management technology and a management philosophy that encourages knowledge management rather than dictates it.

Using Wikis for Collaboration

This paper looks at the wiki phenomenon and how it fits into web 2.0 to enhance collaboration among geographically dispersed teams and groups. The discussion leverages extensive literature review and case studies to provide guidance on using wikis in the corporate context.

The Success and Failure of Pure Play e-Businesses

This research focuses on a simple question: why did Webvan fail and Peapod succeed? It uses four factors to compare the failure of one and the success of the other in the same market! The factors are: managerial decisions, logistical infrastructure, technological systems, and marketing strategies.

Open Source Impact on e-Business Models

This presentation discusses the open source wave and its impact on e-Business models of the future – the author contends that open source represents a fundamental paradigm shift with deep and lasting implications on all business, including e-Business.

Introduction to the Gartner Maturity Model for Web Content Management

 "This document outlines a model for assessing the state of an organization’s Web content management (WCM) solution. CIOs and other IT leaders responsible for the strategic success of their organization’s WCM strategy can use this model to articulate what they would like to achieve with their WCM solution, and to assess the level of change required to make that happen."

Introduction to Twitter

 Interesting introduction to twitter – what is it? how to use it? – provides a good overview for beginners