eBusiness Organization

Creating the Internet Enabled Virtual Organization

This presentation discusses the internet enabled virtual organization – internet enabled tools such as social media have enabled a new virtual organization design. What are the benefits and challenges of this it based virtual – networked – organization? what is knowledge management and what are its key concepts? what are some models to measure the ROI of social media? (29 slides)<br />
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Finding a Home for eBusiness

It has been over a decade and businesses are still struggling with the correct organizational alignment for eBusiness. The issue of “correct” organizational alignment is of tremendous significance to companies that are blending eBusiness into their business models. Is your company on the right track?

Part II: Finding a Home for eBusiness

Last week we discussed the problem with the current configuration of eBusiness in “brick and mortar” organizations. This week, we discuss why it should change!

Part III: Finding a Home for eBusiness

In Part I and II we discussed the issues with eBusiness Organization design. This week, we will discuss organization design factors that apply to eBusiness but are universal in their applicability. Then we are ready to discuss eBusiness Organization design options!

Does eCommerce Matter?

This paper has good information on a variety of issues related to eCommerce – especially the need for and the role of someone to lead the "function" within a business. Good start on key issues.