Enterprise Architecture Tools

The Future of Enterprise Architecture Tools

This in-depth (150 pages) report details the future of enterprise architecture tools. It synthesizes key industry, business and technology trends and evaluates the key enterprise architecture tools' ability to meet the requirements set by them. Where is the business world headed? What challenges does that pose for the IT organization? How will IT use enterprise architecture management tools to meet these challenges? Are current enterprise architecture tools up to this challenge? What future enhancements will bridge the gaps in EA tool capability and functionality? What gaps will remain? An excellent discussion on enterprise architecture tools and their ability to meet business requirements. MUST READ!

A Software Tool for Enterprise Architecture Planning

This paper presents a software tool for enterprise architecture planning. The tool facilitates the creation of enterprise architecture models and then evaluates each along criteria to select the most suitable one for implementation. Good Discussion!

Strategy Driven Enterprise Architecture Tool Selection

This paper discusses the role of enterprise architecture planning in enabling corporate strategy and then selects an appropriate enterprise architecture planning tool to support this vision. The key advantage of this approach is not only a tighter fit between enterprise architecture and business strategy to ensure a business benefit from EA but also to select an enterprise architecture capability that will sustain business value for the long term. Excellent Read!

A Tool for Enterprise Architecture Planning

This paper discusses the requirements for a good enterprise architecture tool and then details the perfect tool for the job! What are the key features of a good EA tool? how are these integrated? To create an integrated perspective on enterprise architecture, this tool provides both a description technique for architectural models and tool support to realize this in practice.