Enterprise Mobility Strategy

CIOs Guide to Enterprise Mobility

CIOs are neck deep in enterprise mobility implementation and control. How many have a vision and strategy for the mobile enterprise? This whitepaper helps you create a vision for mobilizing your business by identifying the drivers for mobility and benefits in its adoption, illustrating the success of mobility strategy through case studies, revealing key challenges to implementation, and providing a framework to create your own mobility strategy.  An excellent resource for the CIO on the move to mobility – or one who wants to re-align strategy.

A Strategic Approach to Enterprise Mobility

This paper discusses a strategic approach to enterprise mobility – what are the key drivers of enterprise mobility? how do e-business models affect enterprise mobility strategy? how to make the build-versus-buy decision in enterprise mobility? – to create a competitive advantage for the business.

Developing an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

This guide introduces a best practice based approach to develop an enterprise mobility strategy. First, it introduces the current state of enterprise mobility – who

Developing an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

This excellent presentation introduces an approach to create an effective enterprise moility strategy – it also discusses the need for an enterprise mobility strategy and

Enterprise Mobility Strategy

This white paper discusses enterprise mobility, the benefits of implementing it, the challenges in implementing it and how to develop an enterprise mobility strategy. Good

Enterprise Mobility Strategy in the Cloud

This research discusses the multiple forces – BYOD, and cloud computing to name a couple – and trends shaping the IT landscape and argues that an effective enterprise mobility strategy must be developed keeping in mind the key forces at play. So, how does enterprise mobility shape these forces? How do these forces shape enterprise mobility?

CIO Strategy For Enterprise Mobility

This white paper discusses the key trends shaping the IT landscape and the critical things a CIO must undertake to address and harness these trends and not be swept up by the waves! Good Read!