Introduction to Cloud Computing

e-Book: Executive’s Guide to Cloud Adoption

This document discusses key analyses that the C-Suite must do before it makes the decision to adopt the cloud. CIOs will learn how to think before they jump on the cloud computing bandwagon. Excellent Read! (50 pages) This guide to

e-Book: Why Cloud Computing?

This e-book discusses cloud computing fits in to enterprise computing and creates more value for the business. (50 pages)

e-Book: What is Cloud Computing?

This e-book provides an in-depth introduction to cloud computing explaining core concepts that CIOs must understand before they embark upon their cloud journey. MUST Read! (100 pages)

Case Study – Implementing Cloud Computing

This case study explores the key decisions related to the implementation of cloud computing. An excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to understand the business and technical issues related to cloud computing. (150 pages)

Introduction to Cloud Computing

This presentation provides an overview of cloud computing and discusses issues related to its integration and governance. Excellent Read!

Strategic Planning for Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is among the top items on a CIOs agenda. Understanding what cloud computing is, what it can do for your enterprise, and how to implement it efficiently are the questions on every CIOs mind. This indepth e-book can help create a strategy, and migration plan for cloud computing in the enterprise.

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