Investment Lifecycle Management (ILM)

A Guide to Project Governance

This guide provides advice on governing an investment aka project. Project governance, in the context of value creation, requires a framework that clarifies roles and responsibilities, creates transparency, clarity and confidence in key decisions, and ensures successful delivery of proposed/promised value.

Project Risk Management Guide

This risk management guide provides project managers and key stakeholders guidelines to identify and mitigate common risks associated with implementation and deployment of ICT investments. It provides a set of definitions/terminology for risk terminology.

Strategic Assessment Example

This strategic assessment example provides insights into the process – how to develop and evaluate options for strategic investments – using an integrated lifecycle.

ICT Project Solution Implementation Guide

This document provides guidance on building, delivering and implementing an it investment aka project or solution. A project or solution must be delivered in accordance with the promise of value or contract established at the business case stage so on-time and on-budget are really the beginning of successful project delivery.

ICT Investment Benefit Realization Guide

This document – information and communication technology (ICT) investment benefit realization guide – provides guidance on ensuring benefit delivery against the promise made in the ICT business case. To what extent were the promised benefits realized? what should have been done to improve benefit realization? what are the lessons learned for future ICT investment business case formulation and improving benefit realization?

ICT Investment Assessment Template

This template provides an easy to use yet in-depth and meaningful checklist of questions to assess an investment proposal – it can be used to guide the development of your own business case as well.

Strategic Assessment of IT Investment Proposal

This document describes the strategic assessment of an IT investment which answers the simple question: "is there a need?" This is perhaps the first stage in an investment's lifecycle and most critical because this is where one can either save the day or really make a blunder approving a disaster or rejecting a gem!

Preparing a Project Cost Estimate for a Business Case

This document helps develop robust cost and budget estimates in support of sound investment decisions. A detailed project cost estimate is critical to a business case because it helps identify the optimal financial outcome over the investment’s lifecycle.

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