IT Budgeting Best Practices

Ideally, budgeting is part of an integrated performance management process and framework which is driven by value based metrics and shareholder value metrics. However, implementing these processes proves difficult for even the most accomplished organizations. This whitepaper provides guidance on best practices in budgeting – how to create an integrated performance management process driven by shareholder value. The advice is for the CFO but can be easily adapted for the CIO.

Performance Based IT Budgeting

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This whitepaper introduces performance budgeting and describes how to apply the "the methodologies, metrics, process, and systems used to monitor and manage the enterprise&rsquo;s business performance.&rdquo; Good introduction to PBB but it lacks depth.

ICT Investment Management Guide

This comprehensive guide provides policy, principles, process, framework, and examples for a complete and thorough management – identify, select, evaluate, fund, deploy, monitor – of major investments. You can adapt this guide to create your own Information Technology investment management process and framework.

IT Business Case ROI Template

This comprehensive and easy to use MS Excel based Return on Investment (ROI) template can be used to create a business case for IT initiatives.

Business Case Template

This template helps create a business case for an IT investment. This business case establishes the strategic context and fit, confirms the case for change, identifies the investment option that maximizes business value, prepares a proposal for procurement, and seeks the necessary funding and management approvals for successful implementation.

Investment Allocation Case Study

This case study discusses a framework for allocating budget dollars among various divisions and departments of an organization. This framework can be adapted for use with IT dollars. Good discussion!

Budget for an IT Strategy

This guide discusses Budgeting for an IT Strategy with a focus on calculating the true total cost of an initiative.

e-Book – A Framework for Cost Management

This e-book details a business driven framework for cost optimization. An excellent resource for the CIO to understand how to cut fat without touching muscle. MUST Read! (550+ pages)