IT Governance Best Practices

Case Study – Implementing Multiple IT Governance Frameworks

This comprehensive report explores the issues in implementing multiple Information Technology Governance Frameworks (IT Governance Frameworks) and using a study of IT Governance Framework implementation across multiple organizations proposes best practices to extract maximum business value from these frameworks. (100+ Pages)

eBook – A Guide to Technology Innovation Using IT Governance

This report presents a comprehensive examination of the affect of IT Governance on the adoption of technology innovation in the enterprise. What is the impact of IT Governance on innovation? What kind of governance models are the best for technology innovation? An excellent resource for the CIO to design the right governance structure and practices to both foster innovation and reduce risk. (350 pages)

IT Governance Best Practice

This research explored the key driver of effective IT governance, and discovered that alignment, and integration of three key processes is critical to creating shareholder value: business IT alignment, IT evaluation, and Outcome Management. This will help CIOs focus on what is critical to IT Governance and away from the current emphasis on "who does what."

Guide for IT Security Controls Assessment

This document provides guidance on assessing security controls in information systems and organizations. Security controls assessment is the primary mechanism to verify that information systems and organizations are meeting their stated security goals and objectives. (400 Pages)