IT Metrics

Creating a CIO Dashboard

With so much going on, how can the CIO focus on the right things? By creating a dashboard that clearly shows you the status of the most important things – the successes, the failures, and most importantly the risks. This paper shows you how to create an effective executive dashboard. 

A Framework for IT Value for Not For Profit Organizations

This presentation introduces a framework for IT value that has been adapted for use by not-for-profit or public service organizations (government entities for example). The key challenge for such organizations is the quantification of value delivered through information technology strategic planning and implementation in the absence of profit or dollar denominated metrics. This framework proposes metrics that are designed for not-for-profit use. Excellent Read!

Introduction to IT Metrics

This paper provides an in depth introduction to IT Metrics, and provides guidance on implementing a program to measure and track IT value. What are IT Metrics? Why are metrics important? What are some important metrics? How to use IT Metrics to align business with IT? What are the lessons learned in implementing an IT Metrics program? How to make metrics work with IT processes, and other elements of IT capability? Good Read!

IT Metrics Examples

This paper discusses IT metrics for a CIO's dashboard – what are the key areas that a CIO must have their eyes on? what metrics should me measured in each area? A very good compilation of key IT metrics however, the focus is more on technical (good on infrastructure; light on application), so misses out on the value (business IT alignment) areas. Nevertheless, a good start.

IT Metrics that Matter

This paper takes a minimalist approach to IT metrics – what are the key i.e. absolutely essential metrics that a CIO needs to measure to create value from IT? The argument is very grounded because a lot of times we collect interesting facts that have no bearing on good decisions or anything of meaning. A large number of facts also slows down decision making, and fogs up the process in many undesirable ways. So, why not focus on the metrics that really matter? What are they? Read On!

Strategic IT Metrics

This paper introduces strategic metrics – how to measure effectiveness, and efficiency? The discussion defines these dimensions, and provides examples of each. This discussion complements IT metrics that measure infrastructure / technical parameters to provide a complete CIO Dashboard.