IT Sourcing Introduction

Guide to Strategic Sourcing

This presentation provides and in-depth and integrated introduction to strategic sourcing. The key is to understand sourcing not just in the context of purchasing but the entire supply chain and beyond. A MUST Read for the CIO. (500+ pages)

Definition of Purchasing and Procurement

This paper defines purchasing and related terms – procurement, supply chain management, buying, vendor management, contract management, … A great place for the CIO to start if they are confused by the buzzwords being thrown around when it comes to strategic sourcing!

Strategic Sourcing Case Study

This presentation provides an introduction to strategic sourcing, describes its benefits, and details the results from an implementation. 

What is Strategic Sourcing?

A quick introduction to strategic sourcing – what is strategic sourcing? what is the scope of strategic sourcing? what are the advantages of strategic sourcing?

Introduction to Strategic Sourcing

This excellent presentation provides an introduction to strategic sourcing. It introduces a strategic sourcing framework, discusses the difference between procurement, and strategic sourcing, highlights key industry trends, and proposes best practices for effective strategic sourcing implementation. Excellent Read!

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