IT Strategy Implementation

IT Strategy Template

A comprehensive discussion on the concepts, tools, and guidance on creating an IT Strategic Plan.

Creating a Strategic Blueprint for IT

This comprehensive technology strategy plan provides an example of building a technology blueprint which acts as a guide to achieving organizational goals – identifying them and tracking progress against them. CIOs can use this example to learn about IT strategic planning and blueprinting. (150 pages)

IT Assessment to Drive an IT Cost Optimization Strategy

This comprehensive example demonstrates the process of conducting an IT Assessment and using it to drive a strategic plan for information technology (IT) that optimizes costs while driving the organization's business strategy. (150 pages)

Bridging the Strategy and Implementation Gap

This paper proposes a framework, principles, and best practices to help along the entire strategic cycle – from strategy to execution, and governance. A CIO must bridge the strategic planning, and operational execution gap if they are to create repeatable business value. This discussion can help.

Business IT Alignment Case Study

This case study demonstrates a complete business transformation initiative that covers all the key elements of capability namely, strategy, operations, organization, and technology. It demonstrates how to setup the problem, analyze all key parts of the puzzle, and then arrive at the solution comprising of key implementation initiatives. The invaluable lesson for CIOs is to the role technology plays in the big picture and how the parts fit together. Excellent Read! (300 pages)

Implementing IT Strategy

What is an IT strategy without implementation? What is the biggest impediment to a successful implementation? This whitepaper argues that business IT alignment will remain