Managing Your Career

How to Improve Leadership Effectiveness?

What skills and traits make a leader more effective? What does it mean to be effective? This presentation answers these questions and provides guidance to CIOs on how to lead their teams.

CIO Communication Skills

Communications are critical to the success of a leader – in any position or role within a modern organization. However, does a CIO have a unique challenge in her communications? The author, a CIO, presents the unique challenges faced by a CIO when communicating today and discusses ways to overcome them.

The Changing Role of the CIO in Today’s Global Marketplace

If you think your job as CIO is to keep the company's information technology systems up to date and running 24/7, you are obsolete. 

The current content of the CIO's work doesn't cut it in today's environment. To be successful, you must reinvent your work skills and mindset for the new game, where the external environment moves faster than ever and a company’s most enduring strengths can become irrelevant in a flash.

CIO Performance Assessment

This presentation introduces a framework to assess the performance of information technology managers. The author develops this framework leveraging other leadership assessment frameworks but tailors it for use with IT Managers (CIO, CTO, VP etc.). The approach is applied and results discussed.


Can a Chief Information Officer (CIO) become a successful Chief Executive Officer (CEO)? This article explores this issue and suggests that a CIO can indeed become a successful CEO provided they focus on behavioral skills.

Five Disciplines of the New CIO

This whitepaper discusses the five key disciplines – skills – that a Chief Information Officer (CIO) must master in order to deliver business value.