Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)

Key Compliance Requirements

This whitepaper discusses the requirements for compliance, and their implications for actions that an organization must take to avoid legal, and regulatory jeopardy. The paper presents these imperatives in the context of the key laws, and regulations governing compliance. Good Discussion.

Identity Lifecycle Management

This presentation discusses the security challenges facing an enterprise, the cost of breaches, the need for and cost of compliance and then proposes using identity lifecycle management as a solution to address these challenges.

IT Control Identification and Testing

<span class="Normal">This in depth presentation is about internal IT Controls and how to audit them – very good information presented in a nice way. It provides a rationale for IT controls and the reason for auditing them. It also helps connect the three frameworks – COBIT, COSO and SOX.<br /> </span>

Using COBIT for SOX Compliance by SMBs

<span class="Normal">This excellent presentation starts with the connection between SOX, COSO and COBIT with perhaps the most coherent explanation I have seen in a long time. Then it goes into the SOX 404 requirements for small companies and how COBIT can help meet them. The presentation provides a very good overview of COBIT.<br /> </span>

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