e-Book – Implementing SOA in the Enterprise

This e-book explains how to implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the enterprise – what to expect and how to overcome obstacles. Excellent resource for the CIO who wants to create business value using SOA. (100 pages)

Introduction to SOA

This presentation discusses service oriented architecture and its connection with enterprise architecture planning and systems architecture. Very good read!

Complementing Enterprise Architecture with SOA

The author argues that there is a natural tension between enterprise architecture and service oriented architecture – the enterprise level view and the project level view of architecture – that can be overcome to create more business value. EA and SOA can and should work together for better value and governance.

SOA Standards

This presentation discusses service oriented architecture (SOA), latest developments in the field and the key standards supporting SOA.

Connecting EA and SOA

This presentation discusses the relationship between Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture – "EA and SOA can complete each other via Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (ESOA)"

Business Driven SOA

This article discusses a Supply/Demand oriented SOA architecture – driving the SOA from a business perspective.

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Business Driven SOA

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