Virtual Organization

e-Business or e-Technology?

 What is an e_business model? This paper defines and discusses different e_business models and provides a context for their use.

Defining the Business Model

This paper defines business model – it starts by using current definition, proposes guidelines to extend this definition, discusses the four key components of a business model, and then provides a new definition for the term.

Does e-Business Matter?

This presentation provides answers to some key questions on e-Business and then goes into e-Business models.

The Networked Virtual Organization

What makes an organization successful? Cisco believes that a networked Virtual Organization structure is an imperative. Excellent Read!

Business Process Flexibility in Virtual Organizations

The internet has enabled virtual organizations like no other technology before it. In this brave new world of "boundary less" organizations, a key challenge is flexible business processes. This paper provides a framework and case study toward that end.

Electronic Commerce and Virtual Organization

Is electronic commerce inseparable from virtual organization? What is the connection? This is a dated paper (1999) but has a good discussion on both the concept of virtual organizations and their links to eBusiness.