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The pace of technology innovation is picking up. The coming waves of technology storms will have one thing in common: unrelenting pace which will accelerate with time.

Add to this the complexity of the problems a CIO is trying to solve - how does one pick "the" next disruptive technology? how do you anticipate the impact of an emerging technology? how do you convince others so the entire organization acts in unison? how do you retool an entire organization at the speed of light? Now, imagine if you were wrong!

It was bad enough when CIOs were being asked to "change engines mid-flight," the new CIO is expected to, not only, fundamentally repurpose the aircraft mid-flight but do so during a hurricane.

The business world will not give the your most vital resource - time!

With overwhelming technology choices how does a CIO avoid getting mired in details and caught in the weeds. How can a CIO rise above the tactical challenges and get work done in new and better ways to drive business and technology strategy and transformation to deliver value in order to enhance growth and productivity.

The solution - CIO Index!

Maximize your time by spending it on activities and resources that will provide you the analyses, perspectives, case studies, best practices etc. to help you in making the right decisions about technology solutions and investment priorities.

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