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Professional recognition is the foundation for a recession proof career. Career-is-Over for the CIO who fails to get noticed among their peers and in the industry. Use CIO Author services to showcase your talent. Create a blog. Post an in-depth article. Share something you found on the web. Be a panelist on a webinar. Opportunities abound and a global audience of 60,000 leaders awaits.

With Information Technology being the driver of business, the CIO is uniquely positioned to wield tremendous influence within an organization and propel their career to new heights. More often than not, CIOs do not leverage this opportunity because even if they are respected within their organization most have not made themselves visible to the larger audience outside. How you are perceived outside often drives your value within the organization. You see, influence comes with recognition.

Savvy CIOs make a conscious effort to build their brand. They are known among their peers, and in the industry for something – usually, their expertise in a topic area but also for their work in the community. This respect is currency for a professional that stays with them throughout their career. This is your personal brand.

Building a personal brand is not only important for a CIO at a personal level but also for their organization as your personal brand promotes the corporate brand.

CIO Index provides you with a platform to build your personal brand. Your online profile in a premier community of CIOs is an important starting point on this journey. But you need to do more. Write an article. Create a blog. Submit a presentation. Appear as a panelist in a webinar. Opportunities are endless when you have a global audience of 60,000 of your peers, and industry professionals.

  • Visibility and Presence: Create your profile, highlight your skills and accomplishments. Post your articles, write a blog, share your views. Communicate your ideas on how to drive business.
  • Influence and Credibility: Get recognized as an expert on CIO Index, present in a webinar, participate in roundtables and join a peer connect group. Get known as transformer and an innovator.

So, what is your personal brand? What would it say on your CIO tombstone?

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Develop your personal brand for a recession proof career or an evergreen lead pipeline.