CIO's IT Strategy Body of Knowledge

Everything you need to create a Strategic IT Plan for your organization – primers, guides, templates, samples, examples, case studies, tools, best practices, trends, and much more.

IT Strategy Chapters

Business Strategy

The first step of align business with IT is to understand business models and strategy. This chapter focuses on explaining what business strategy is, how to create it, how to align IT strategy with it, and how to drive it using it.

IT Strategy

Complete guide to aligning business with IT - vision, strategy, gaps, migration plan, and roadmap.

Business IT Alignment

This chapter is focused on using IT to enable business imperatives.

IT Chargeback

IT Value can be demonstrated very simply by presenting a bill to the CEO. This chapter helps CIOs understand how to run IT like an internal service provider and how to charge for your services.

IT Investment Management

This chapter drives IT Strategy from an investment perspective - CIOs must treat each initiative as an investment and try to maximize returns on their portfolio of investments.

IT Metrics

Is you can't measure it, you can't manage it, goes the dictum. The question is: what to measure and how to measure it? This chapter focuses on IT metrics that help better decision making.


Perhaps the single biggest drive of value is: innovation. CIOs must learn how to innovate within their IT organization but more importantly, how to enable and drive innovation in the business.

Business and IT Trends

This chapter focuses on tracking what your peers are doing and if it is working. This chapter tracks both business and IT trends because one is incomplete without the other.

Run IT Like A Business

As the demand for the CIO to become a business leader and the IT organization to become a profit center takes off, it is important for the CIO to understand how to run IT like a business - the shortest route to both!

Post Merger Integration (PMI)

How to combine IT capability - keeping the value and discarding the fat? CIOs can use Post Merger Innovation (PMI) for business mergers and acquisitions or for supplier capability analysis.

IT Transformation

Often CIOs find themselves in a position where they must change the entire IT Organization - from top to bottom. IT Transformation is the discipline of changing the engine mid-flight. Tough but not impossible.

IT Budget

Most IT Organizations today are run as cost centers - CIOs get a yearly budget and use it to buy and create IT services. A budget helps determine how much is needed to run IT as an internal service provder.

IT Value

This chapter helps the CIO understand how IT creates value, how to measure and communicate it. CIOs can learn what is IT ROI and how to use it to drive decisions.

IT Cost Optimization

This chapter drives IT Strategy from a cost perspective - how to implement IT in support of the business at the lowest possible cost.

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