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Introduction to Business Information Systems Course

This course introduces information technology from a business perspective. It is a foundation level course for information technology managers.

Often, technology managers focus on bits and bytes or systems and databases. However, a Business Technology Leader must understand how to use technology to create business value. This course is the first step in making the transition.

Introduction to Business Information Systems course is for Chief Information Officers, their direct reports, and those responsible for managing IT for business value. However, this information is invaluable to all employees in the IT Organization because it helps set the context for all the work they do!

At the end of the day, most business leaders agree that IT is a strategic weapon, but they don’t know where and how to use it effectively. The key to leveraging IT is in not only understanding its capability but also where it adds value to a business. This course introduces a framework that sets the context for a meaningful discussion on IT ROI

  • Business Driven Managing IT for Shareholder Value takes IT Capability and alignment from a nebulous concept to a business factor that can be measured, charted and understood.
  • Practical The course turns IT into a business tool that can be used for shareholder value.
  • Quantitative Techniques explained enable easy monitoring and control of IT alignment and value.
  • Easy to Use Sourabh Hajela gets to the answers quickly and effectively