Can I see how the course is organized, and can I get a copy of the list of specific topics that will be covered?

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  • Can I see how the course is organized, and can I get a copy of the list of specific topics that will be covered?

Download the Course Syllabus for the structure and subject areas covered by this course.

Module OneIntroduction: What is the need for a differentiated IT capability?
  • Environmental Factors

  • Industry/Competitive drivers

  • Organizational issues

  • Technology enablers

Module TwoOverview of Business Capability: How does business drive IT Capability?
  • Business models

  • Business Strategy

  • Business Processes

  • Organization

  • Metrics

Module ThreeBusiness Drivers: Where does IT add value?
  • Product Development

  • Marketing

  • After Sales Service

  • Manufacturing

  • Procurement

  • Supply Chain

  • Financials

  • Administration (incl. Human Resources)

  • Vendor Management

Module FourInformation Technology Capability Part I: Translating Business requirements into technology solutions
  • IT Strategy

  • Enterprise Architecture Planning

  • E-Strategy

  • Systems Strategy

  • IT Processes

  • IT Governance

  • IT Metrics

  • IT Assets

Module FiveInformation Technology Capability Part II: What are the key elements of IT Infrastructure and how do they business solutions?
  • Architecture

  • Hardware

  • Application

  • Software

  • Databases

  • Application Servers

  • Middleware

  • Networks Tools

Module SixE-Business: How has the Internet added to business capabilities?
  • Internet/Intranet/Extranet

  • Impact on Business capability

  • Internet and the new way of doing business

  • e-CRM: Internet and CRM

  • e-SCM: Internet and the Supply Chain

  • e-Procurement: Internet and procurement

  • How has the internet affected internal operations

Module Seven
Measuring IT Return on Investment (ROI):

  • Why is measurement important?

  • What are the common frameworks used?

  • A practical approach to measuring ROI

Module Eight
Key Technology issues: Technology Trends and implications

  • Security

  • Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues

Module Nine
Case Studies: Practical Applications of creating IT value

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Module Ten
Summary and Next Steps


Last Updated On February 06, 2019

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