What are the CIO Groups Available on CIO Index?

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At CIO Index, we believe that peer interaction is critical to a CIO’s career. Consequently, we are putting in a lot of emphasis and effort in providing opportunities for you to interact with your peers from across the globe to learn new skills, find solutions to common problems, and develop leadership skills.

There are three types of CIO Groups available for our membership namely, affinity, special interest and peer connect groups.

CIO Affinity Groups are available free of charge to our registered users. SIGs and Peer-Connect Groups require premium subscription.

CIO Group bring together members with common interests. CIO Groups allow community members to interact with like minded peers across the globe to learn new skills, find solutions to common problems, and develop leadership skills.

There are three types of groups on CIO Index namely, affinity, special interest and peer connect groups:

CIO Affinity GroupsCIO Special Interest GroupsCIO Peer Connect Groups
An affinity group collects those who share a common interest in a topic, or reside in a specific geographical area, or share common job responsibilities, or on some other criteria. An affinity group provides a forum for sharing ideas on that common area of interest. Affinity groups can become very large – there are groups with over a thousand members. These are passive activity groups i.e. participation is “when able” or “just observing.”A special interest group (SIG) is a small collection of members with a shared interest in advancing a specific topic or area of knowledge with a narrow definition and scope. SIG group members work together to produce solution(s) for that specific area of knowledge which is shared with the community at large. SIGs are active participation groups i.e. participation is mandatory. They require a time commitment and the willingness to pitch in and produce deliverable(s)Peer-Connect is a peer advisory group comprised of twelve (12) members who help solve critical issues on each others’ agenda. Since the members huddle together throughout the year they understand each other and their respective situations. Advice is timely, precise, relevant, and practical.
PublicMembers – PremiumMembers – Premium Plus
Unlimited10-12 per Group12 Per Group
GeneralSpecific Topic basedSpecific Title/Role based
Get General InformationDevelop Specific Skills and ToolsGet Peer Advice
Low Opportunity to NetworkHigh Opportunity to Network by working with 10-12 peers daily to produce a deliverableExtremely High Opportunity to Network by working with 12 peers daily on specific items on your agenda
PassiveActive ParticipationActive Participation
No time commitment5-10 hours per week5-10 hours per week

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