business strategy

Strategic Planning Example

This document details a strategic plan and the planning process used to develop it. Great resource for the CIO to learn the strategic planning process and see it in action.  

What is Strategy?

This powerpoint presentation provides a quick overview of strategy – what is it? why is it important? how to formulate it? Good overview for the CIO starting out on their journey to create a technology strategy for their organization.

How to Turbo Charge Your Strategy?

This presentation explains a framework to turbo charge your strategy – excel at the thing you are best at by investing in what makes the most money and which you love doing over and over again! Excellent read!

Complete Guide to Developing a Business Strategy

This comprehensive guide provides in-depth training on developing a strategy for the business. CIOs must understand the business strategy of their organization so they can enable or even drive it. CIOs can also adapt this training to create a strategic plan for their IT Organization. Excellent Read! (250+ pages)

A Framework for Strategic Capability Analysis

SWOT analysis which has been used for strategic assessment of organizations has limitations – lack of quantification and a before and after view of the situation. Consequently, the author proposes a framework to rectify these limitations and create a meaningful strategic capability assessment of organizations.