Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Defining the Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

One of the topics we are following this year is the rise of the chief digital officer (CDO) and how does it impact the chief information officer and the IT organization. This continues our exploration from last year.

We start by exploring the CDO role – what is a CDO? what do they do? what capabilities must they possess? Toward that end, this week, we are referring you to an excellent exploration on this topic. This survey talked with real life CDOs to understand the practical implementation of this role.

Defining the Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Role

This survey tracks the current state of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Role – why is it being created? where is it being created? how widespread is the adoption? what are the skills being sought? And more. Excellent discussion for the CIO to follow to understand the rise of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Role and its implications on the CIO role.

How Digital is Transforming Business

This paper tracks the digital shift and its impact on business making the case for digital savvy workforce, especially an Chief Digital Officer. Excellent Read!