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e-Book: Planning Your Digital Transformation

This e-book discusses the steps to digital transformation. Excellent advice for CIOs who want to understand what it takes to transform a business to compete in the digital age. Excellent Read! (70 pages) This e-book will help you create a

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Executive’s Guide to Digital Transformation

The driver(s) of change and the appetite of the target both determine the best approach to business transformation. Transformations can be as simple as adapting or as drastic as reinventing. A business leader must weigh key factors to determine the

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e-Book: Digital Strategy and Transformation for the CIO

This document discusses the digital tsunami, how it will affect enterprises across industry, how to harness its energy, how to transform your organization for the digital era, and what role does the CIO play in driving this change. An excellent discussion for the CIO to follow! (125 pages)

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e-Book – How to Create a Digital Strategy

This is an in-depth discussion on digital disruption and how to leverage it to create value. CIOs can learn how their business is being disrupted and a structured way to harness the opportunities that this is creating. (250 pages)

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A Framework for Digital Transformation

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