e-Book: e-Business Operating Model

This e-book discusses the requirements for a new operating model for digital transformation and how to implement it effectively and efficiently.

e-Book: Digital Strategy and Transformation for the CIO

This document discusses the digital tsunami, how it will affect enterprises across industry, how to harness its energy, how to transform your organization for the digital era, and what role does the CIO play in driving this change. An excellent discussion for the CIO to follow! (125 pages)

Example Digital Business Strategy

This document details a strategic plan in support of a digital transformation. Excellent example that can be used as a template to create a digital strategy for your organization. (40 pages)

e-Book: CIO’s Guide to Internet Policy

This e-book explores philosophy, law, policy and economics surrounding the digital tsunami. CIOs can learn how the internet is shaping society so they can create business strategies to both shape it and harness it for value. Excellent Discussion! (600 pages)

e-Book – How to Create a Digital Strategy

This is an in-depth discussion on digital disruption and how to leverage it to create value. CIOs can learn how their business is being disrupted and a structured way to harness the opportunities that this is creating. (250 pages)

e-Book: Implementing the Digital Enterprise

This discussion focuses on the implementation of the digital promise. Excellent resource for the CIO to understand a business driven perspective on digital transformation – what role do they play? (100 pages)

e-Book: The Diffusion of Digital Innovation

This e-book discusses the adoption of digital technology by consumers and businesses. An essential discussion for the digital strategist – to ride this wave, you must understand where is it coming from, what impact has it had, and where is it headed next. Excellent Discussion! (500 pages)

e-Business Strategic Plan Sample

This comprehensive strategic plan demonstrates the use of e-Business to further enterprise objectives. CIOs can use this example to learn how to create an actionable e-Strategy. (150+ pages)

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