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Digital Transformation

e-Book: Planning Your Digital Transformation

This e-book discusses the steps to digital transformation. Excellent advice for CIOs who want to understand what it takes to transform a business to compete in the digital age. Excellent Read! (70 pages) This e-book will help you create a…

Transforming Business Operations for the Digital Enterprise

When it comes to digital strategy, the website has captured people’s imagination. Customers and their experience is critical to the success of your business but that is not the sum total of all things digital – there is a whole organization that must enable this experience and more importantly, there are other aspects of your business that are as critical in their own right. Business Operations, for example.

This week, we continue our journey into digital transformation with an excellent discussion on the implications and impact of digital transformation on company operations. CIOs must understand why operations are critical to the success of a digital enterprise. What areas need focus? How to go about digitizing operations?

e-Book: Digital Strategy and Enterprise Operations

Changing Organizational Culture in Support of Digital Transformation

Of the three, people, processes, and technology, perhaps the toughest to change is: people. Regrettably, business transformations pay the least amount of attention to this biggest barrier to change. Organizational culture drives people – what they believe affects how they act. Your best laid out plans are worthless till your team executes on them with all their energy.

Digital transformations by their very nature upend the “usual” – often, in every way possible. People who, by our very nature, are averse to change resist this massive change with all our energy. How should a business leader overcome this resistance? How should you divert this energy away from resistance and in the direction of the intended transformation? This week, we are referring you to an expert led discussion on the topic.

e-Book – Digital Transformation and Organizational Culture

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