Common Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

This whitepaper provides a very good overview of the common enterprise architecture frameworks. You will have to step over the vendor tool specific discussion but it is well worth the time. 

Integrating Enterprise Architecture and ITIL

Enterprise architecture and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) framework ITIL can – and should? – be integrated. This presentation introduces enterprise architecture, defines two enterprise architecture frameworks namely, Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture Framework (DODAF), discusses the infrastructure library process and framework (ITIL) and makes a connection between them all. Good Read!

Implementing the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)

This document provides a standard approach to federal enterprise architecture (FEA) implementation – principles and standards for how business, information, and technology architectures should be developed across the enterprise so they can be used consistently at various levels of scope within and between domains/departments/divisions, as well as with external stakeholders.

How is FSAM related to FEA?

This presentation provides an introduction to the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), Segmented Architecture and Federal Segmented Architecture Methodology (FSAM). Then answers the question: how is FSAM related to FEA?<br /><br />Good discussion.

Federal Segment Architecture Methodology Training

This package contains training material for Federal Segment Architecture Methodology (FSAM). This enterprise architecture training material includes 1) training slides 2) instructors guide 3) participants guide 4) training exercises.

FEA Practice Guidance

The Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Practice Guidance describes important &#160;concepts architects can use with stakeholders to deliver value to the business and &#160;improve results in agency mission areas. &#160;The guidance provides overviews of &#160;architecture concepts, descriptions of the content included in architecture work products, and direction on developing and using architecture.&#160;

Enterprise Architecture Segment Strategy

Enterprise Architecture Segment Strategy provides the tools to establish shared target or “to-be” architectures for key, cross-organizational functions. Developed for the agencies of the federal government this technique can be adapted for other organizations.

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