Introduction to IT Strategy

IT Strategy 101

This presentation set provides excellent guidance on information technology strategy (IT Strategy). Excellent read for a CIO to understand strategic planning in context. (450 pages)

e-Book – Understanding IT Strategy

This e-book provides guidance to managers on creating an IT capability that creates business value. An excellent discussion for the CIO to understand why do what they must! (600 pages)

Creating Competitive Advantage Using IT

This compendium of articles discusses leveraging IT to create competitive advantage for the enterprise. From internal IT Organization becoming lean and mean to the CIO helping their peer implement strategic, industry leading business capability, IT can be a strategic weapon. Read how.

What is IT Strategy?

This presentation introduces information technology strategic planning aka IT Strategy using an IT Strategy Framework. Good Read!

CIO’s Guide to Strategic Information Technology

CIOs are tasked with creating business value using IT. Toward that end a CIO must understand what creates competitive advantage for their business, and how to deploy IT capability in support of those drivers. These presentations provide much needed help. (800 pages)

Introduction to IT Strategy and Management

This in-depth (450+ pages) guide provides a foundation to IT Strategy and Management. At the core of a CIO's responsibilities lies the answer to the question: how will IT create value in my organization? Now, a CIO must be able to answer this question in the context of the internet and mobile technology revolution that is sweeping industries across the board. This requires answers to 17 questions that this guide discusses and helps you find answers to them. 

Using IT to Create Competitive Advantage

This guide to IT Strategy provides an in-depth (125 pages) discussion on using IT for competitive advantage. CIOs can learn how to create an IT capability for business value – why is IT critical to business success, and how to create processes, organization, and systems that drive shareholder value.

CIO’s Guide to IT Strategy 101

This in-depth guide (450+ pages; 10 chapters) discusses the foundations of IT management or IT Strategy 101. 

It is assumed that CIOs are “technical” i.e. they have risen up the IT ranks and eat and breathe technology. There are two problems with this assumption. 1) Usually, CIOs have risen up a particular track of technology and do not know all the key technologies 2) CIOs know how to operate technology but do they know how to apply it to solve business problems or create shareholder value?

Introduction to Business Systems Strategy and Planning

This presentation introduces information systems planning, discusses why IT Strategy is difficult to implement, charts the history of information systems planning, and presents eight different frameworks for IT Strategy and Planning. Excellent Read!

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