IT Financial Management

Performance Based IT Financial Management

This presentation provides an in-depth primer on performance based IT financial management. The overarching goal of technology financial management is to provide an effective and efficient deployment of IT assets in support of IT services and capability. IT budgeting is part of this process. This discussion is on making this process accurate, transparent and predictable so outcomes are planned, controlled and deliver shareholder value. Excellent Read!

Creating an Program Business Case for an IT Investment

This guide helps build a business case for a specific program – a temporary, time bound, flexible arrangement established to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a set of related projects and activities in order to deliver outcomes and benefits.

IT Performance Benchmarking

This paper summarizes the key findings related to desktop services performance as part of an IT benchmarking study.

CIO Survey: IT Spending

Where are CIOs spending their money? How do they view their future spending and direction? The survey says…

IT operations – Is it really a “Pipe” dream? – An integrated approach To Theory of constraints

Forces in today’s dynamic world are forcing leaders to think outside the box. IT must also sign up to this task. Is it time to break out of the traditional cycle of “one dimensional” thinking and action in IT?
IT professionals must redefine key processes, metrics and collect “multi dimensional” information in order to help ensure continuous creation of business value through IT infrastructure optimization, reliability, and performance.

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IT operations – Is it really a “Pipe” dream? - An integrated approach To Theory of constraints

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