IT Financial Management

IT Pricing Models

This whitepaper discusses various price models for information technology (IT) services which can be used in a chargeback framework, and/or to run IT like a business. Very good discussion!

Performance Based IT Financial Management

This presentation provides an in-depth primer on performance based IT financial management. The overarching goal of technology financial management is to provide an effective and efficient deployment of IT assets in support of IT services and capability. IT budgeting is part of this process. This discussion is on making this process accurate, transparent and predictable so outcomes are planned, controlled and deliver shareholder value. Excellent Read!

IT Budgeting Best Practices

Ideally, budgeting is part of an integrated performance management process and framework which is driven by value based metrics and shareholder value metrics. However, implementing these processes proves difficult for even the most accomplished organizations. This whitepaper provides guidance on best practices in budgeting – how to create an integrated performance management process driven by shareholder value. The advice is for the CFO but can be easily adapted for the CIO.

Performance Based IT Budgeting

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This whitepaper introduces performance budgeting and describes how to apply the "the methodologies, metrics, process, and systems used to monitor and manage the enterprise&rsquo;s business performance.&rdquo; Good introduction to PBB but it lacks depth.

Integrated IT Investment Management Methodology

This IT investment management framework tightly integrates business requirements with IT investments – from concept to outcome measurement. This ensures better business IT alignment to deliver higher return on IT investments – business strategy drive IT project and investment selection and funding. The rest of the process – selecting, funding, building, deploying, and governing IT investments then follows a business driven path to value creation.

The Financial Perspective on Running IT Like a Business

This presentation discusses the financial considerations of running IT like a business – pricing, and cost allocation for IT services is a critical aspect of running IT like a business. What role does IT financial management play, how to develop the right pricing strategy, and how to allocate IT costs are discussed in this presentation.

Tool Selection for Running IT Like a Business

This whitepaper discusses tool selection for running IT like a business. CIOs are under pressure to demonstrate the value of IT. Running IT Like a business can help create and communicate the value of IT. A critical element of this strategy is IT service definition and pricing. CIOs need to select appropriate tools for this function. This whitepaper can help.

ICT Investment Management Framework

This guide introduces an information technology investment and decision making framework to align ICT investments with business objectives. This framework also helps in building a culture of discipline and structured analysis for information systems and technology.

Guide to Business Case for IT Investments

This in-depth guide provides the process, templates, and guidance to create a business case for investments. The excellent discussion goes beyond financial considerations to include critical non-financial issues to consider when funding an investment. The emphasis is not on fulfilling an administrative mandate for approval of investments but to genuinely understand what it takes for an investment to succeed based upon fact and evidence. Excellent Read! (200 pages)

How to Develop a Business Case for IT Investments

This business case guide provides a template for managers to seek approval and support for IT investments. It provides the steps in the analysis required to ensure that IT investments are planned and documented – requirements are defined, performance metrics are identified, and program costs, benefits, and risks are well defined and understood prior to initiating an IT project.