it governance and control

IT Governance and CMMI

This presentation defines Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and discusses its benefits to IT Governance.

IT Governance for Business Managers

This presentation discusses key concepts of information technology governance and makes the connection between IT Governance, corporate governance and business it alignment.

Balancing supply and demand in IT

This white paper examines a means to achieving a workable point of equilibrium between the demands of the enterprise and the services an IT organization can supply.

Effective IT Governance

This presentation introduces information technology (IT) governance, highlights its benefits and value, discusses key frameworks Cobit and Val IT, and makes a connection between value management and IT governance – maximizing the value of it investments through effective IT governance!

Governance of High Risk Projects

The purpose of this report is to provide an independent assurance to government projects but its lessons are universally applicable – the same assurance discipline can be applied to IT investments.

The Role of IT Governance Controls in Accurate Financial Reporting

This presentation discusses the role of internal controls in ensuring accurate financial reporting. The presenter provides an overview of PCAOB, internal controls and their role in the audit of financial reporting, common issues with IT governance controls and how to address them.

IT Demand Management

This paper provides an overview of information technology demand management – what is it? how it works? why is it important? what are its benefits to the IT organization and the business it helps?

Intro to Change Management and SDLC

This presentation discusses change management – definition, significance, types – change management controls, the impact of weak change management controls and best practices in change management along the software development life cycle (SDLC).