IT investment management framework

Integrated IT Investment Management Methodology

This IT investment management framework tightly integrates business requirements with IT investments – from concept to outcome measurement. This ensures better business IT alignment to deliver higher return on IT investments – business strategy drive IT project and investment selection and funding. The rest of the process – selecting, funding, building, deploying, and governing IT investments then follows a business driven path to value creation.

IT Investment Framework

This information technology investment framework provides the key criteria to consider when making decisions about IT investments. An IT investment framework is used to ensure maximum returns on every dollar spent on IT – to get the biggest bang for the IT buck. It is used to select, and prioritize IT initiatives. On an ongoing basis, this framework will help the governance committee assess progress and make decisions about continuing forward or divesting from investments.

Effective Strategic Decisions Factoring in Stakeholder Impact

What are the consequences of the decisions managers make? The market has both an input into decisions and is affected by them. So, how do we factor in this market/external feedback into our strategic decision making? The author explores, in depth, these issues to present several patterns or themes associated withmore effective strategic decision-making. (250 pages)

ICT Investment Management Framework

This guide introduces an information technology investment and decision making framework to align ICT investments with business objectives. This framework also helps in building a culture of discipline and structured analysis for information systems and technology.

Prioritizing IT Security Investments

This document provides guidance on integrating IT security and IT Investment Management processes. Applying funding towards high-priority security investments supports the objective of maintaining appropriate security controls, both at the enterprise-wide and system level, commensurate with levels of risk and data sensitivity. This paper introduces common criteria against which managers can prioritize security activities to ensure that corrective actions are incorporated into the capital planning process to deliver maximum security in a cost-effective manner. (70 Pages)

ICT Investment Assessment Template

This template provides an easy to use yet in-depth and meaningful checklist of questions to assess an investment proposal – it can be used to guide the development of your own business case as well.

Preparing a Project Cost Estimate for a Business Case

This document helps develop robust cost and budget estimates in support of sound investment decisions. A detailed project cost estimate is critical to a business case because it helps identify the optimal financial outcome over the investment’s lifecycle.

Investment Lifecycle Management Framework

This document provides an overview of a comprehensive investment lifecycle management framework to identify, select, fund, build, deploy and monitor investments – from investment proposals, to business cases to implemented solutions and key decisions in between.

Analyzing Strategic Investment Options

This document discusses an approach to analyze and prioritize strategic options for an investment – a critical step in getting the biggest bang for the investment dollar is to identify solution options, and then pick the right option to implement. Strategic option analysis is critical to investment decisions.

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