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e-Book: Guide to Business and IT Alignment


The key to successful business IT alignment is understanding the role of IT in business – how does IT help create value for the enterprise. The rest follows. There is plenty of good advice available on business IT alignment. Sometimes, we come across some that makes all the key connections to complete the picture. This week, we are referring you to one such discussion. It goes from the role of IT to using it as a strategic weapon and key things in between. Valuable information for the CIO to grasp.

e-Book: Guide to Business and IT Alignment

CIO’s Guide to IT Strategic Planning for Business Results

This comprehensive presentation on strategic planning for information technology provides invaluable guidance on using IT in support of business results. This guide helps CIOs understand the entire IT strategic planning lifecycle – from assessing demand, to creating supply of IT services. Excellent Read! (300 pages)

A Structured Approach to Create a Strategic Plan for IT

This guide presents a practical, step by step framework, and approach to create a strategic plan for information technology. The key focus is on connecting business and IT strategies – the former sets the priorities, and drives the cost, and available option set available to the CIO to adapt the IT assets/infrastructure, organization, and its processes. CIOs can use this approach to create an IT strategy plan for their organizations

CIO’s Guide to Strategic IT Planning

This in-depth guide (~500 pages) discusses how a CIO can create, measure, and communicate business value using information technology as a strategic weapon. What is business IT alignment? How does it create business value? How to measure and track IT alignment over time? How to create a strategic plan for IT? How to measure IT value? How to communicate with your business partners? How to design an IT organization that delivers value? What is the role of the CIO in creating business value?

Introduction to IT Strategy and Management

This in-depth (450+ pages) guide provides a foundation to IT Strategy and Management. At the core of a CIO's responsibilities lies the answer to the question: how will IT create value in my organization? Now, a CIO must be able to answer this question in the context of the internet and mobile technology revolution that is sweeping industries across the board. This requires answers to 17 questions that this guide discusses and helps you find answers to them. 

CIO’s Guide to IT Strategy 101

This in-depth guide (450+ pages; 10 chapters) discusses the foundations of IT management or IT Strategy 101. 

It is assumed that CIOs are “technical” i.e. they have risen up the IT ranks and eat and breathe technology. There are two problems with this assumption. 1) Usually, CIOs have risen up a particular track of technology and do not know all the key technologies 2) CIOs know how to operate technology but do they know how to apply it to solve business problems or create shareholder value?

Guide to Strategic Planning

A step by step guide to creating a strategic plan for your organization. An excellent resource for those who need the foundation – what is strategic planning? why is it important? what are the components of a strategic plan? – with a practical process to create a strategy.

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