soa governance

Enterprise Architecture Governance

Does enterprise architecture support business IT alignment? How? The author contends that enterprise architecture governance – using an enterprise architecture board, and enterprise architecture principles etc. – can enable business and IT alignment so it must be pursued with vigor. 

SOA Governance Policies

This presentation discusses service oriented architecture (SOA) governance using policies – what are policies? policy layers, domains, lifecycle, standards and more…

Effective SOA Governance

This presentation defines service oriented architecture (SOA) governance and discusses its value proposition.

Governing Service Oriented Architecture

This whitepaper defines service oriented architecture (SOA) governance and discusses how to effectively govern SOA in the context of information technology governance.

A Perspective on SOA Governance

This paper attempts to look at well – established concepts of governance in public and corporate life that can be applied for SOA governance. The authors also propose the use of Montesquieu’s power sharing formula that can help constitute the SOA governing bodies along the lines of Legislative, Executive and Judiciary branches in a government.

The SOA Governance Framework

In previous reports we have introduced the concept of an SOA Governance Framework – a structured approach to ensuring the architecture delivers the required levels of adaptability and integrity. In this report we detail each of the layers in terms of how the policies, practices, patterns and tools enable delivery of business and technical objectives.  

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