strategic it plan sample

Sample Technology Plan

This information technology strategic plan can be used as an example to create your own IT strategy. This document provides an outline for the development of an IT strategy – it strategy process and steps, it strategy vision, it strategy mission, it strategy goals, it strategy results, it strategy template, and it organization chart.

Five Year Strategic IT Plan Example

This IT strategic plan is meant to provide guidance to the entire IT organization and help make effective decisions regarding IT investments – set consistent goals, objectives, priorities, and timelines – in line with business requirements and expectations.

Five Year IT Strategy Plan Example

This information technology strategic plan illustrates the development of a strategy driven by an overarching vision which drives specific goals and then technology initiatives that enable them. The plan provides direction to accomplish current objectives, and identifying future objectives and forms the basis for organization wide allocation of resources for IT.

Five Year Strategic Plan for IT

This five year plan for information technology investments is designed to use IT to deliver on the organization's overall goals and objectives. The strategic plan provides a good outline to create a goal driven IT strategy.

Three Year Strategic Plan for IT

This three year strategic plan for information technology provides guidance and an outline for a CIO to create an IT strategy for their own organization.

IT Strategy and Transformation Plan Example

This document details the vision, objectives, business drivers, technology drivers, governance, and architecture used in creating an information technology strategic plan for an organization. This it strategy sample can be used as a template to create your own IT Strategy and plan.

IT Transformation Strategic Plan Example

This report details the results of a multi-year Information Technology Transformation (IT Transformation) strategic plan implementation. It provides an excellent example of the strategy to transform an entire IT organization, creating an implementation plan to execute on that strategy, follow through to measure and track progress along the way, and periodic communication to key stakeholders on the progress being made. Excellent Read! (200+ pages)

Business Technology Strategic Plan Example

This IT strategy plan is developed and written from a business perspective – what business benefits can IT enable, the key IT capabilities that provide the biggest bang for the buck and how they will be implemented – hence the name: business technology strategic plan. Good read and provides an example for you to follow in your strategic planning.

Strategic Information Technology Stakeholder Communication Example

This report provides a snapshot of information technology for key stakeholders – includes IT Strategy but also the organization design, industry and technology trends shaping IT, IT Governance, IT Roadmap etc. This is a critical piece of communication to key stakeholders on both the promise and delivery of value from their IT investments. Good Read!

Information Technology Strategy Example

This information technology strategic plan sample provides a good template to create your own IT strategy plan. This document covers the IT strategy process, environmental analysis, IT vision and much more. Good Read!