vendor relationship management

Corporate Troika + Suppliers = Successful Governance

Whether we like it or not technology has invaded all aspects of our lives with varying degrees of success. Much is written about the issues regarding IT projects going wrong, or becoming too costly, with the obligatory finger-pointing that inevitably follows.
A lot of the press coverage tends to blame suppliers for failing to deliver although some do hint at the failings of client management to control the overall the situation. Some in corporate authority (both in client and supplier organisations) work under the constant pressure of trying to do more with less, living with the continual disbelief and dismay of their customers, and denial. So how can the management of technology be improved for all involved.

A Winning Sourcing Model

Suppliers are the lifeblood of many – all? – companies. The question is: how to forge a win-win relationship with them? This article provides much needed guidance.

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