why enterprise architecture fails?

eBook – An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

This book provides an in-depth introduction to enterprise architecture and its practice from a practical, enterprise-wide perspective. The author provides an enterprise view of enterprise architecture because a siloed IT centric definition not only does not do justice to the practice but also diminishes its stature, dilutes its effectiveness, and decreases its ability to create business value. Excellent Read! (150 pages)

Why Enterprise Architecture

This presentation makes a case for enterprise architecture planning – why is enterprise architecture important?

Increasing Stakeholder Confidence in IT Architecture

This presentation discusses a key issue with enterprise architecture – getting stakeholders’ "buy-in." How to identify key stakeholders? How to engage them? How to increase their confidence in the enterprise architecture process and outcomes?

Why Doesn’t the Federal Enterprise Architecture Work?

The federal government has spent more than a billion dollars in its attempt to put Enterprise Architecture into practice across the federal government.<br>
</br>Unfortunately, much or possibly even most of this taxpayer money has been wasted. Many or likely even most federal Enterprise Architecture efforts have delivered little of value, and some agencies have literally nothing to show for the money spent.<br>
</br>This paper communicates the findings of a thorough and in-depth analysis that was performed to determine why the FEA hasn't worked and to identify the root causes of its failure.

Delivering Business Value Through Enterprise Architecture

This white paper provides an overview of enterprise architecture’s role in the enterprise transformation process: common definitions, frameworks and views, the EA linkage to solution architectures and service-oriented architectures, the business value of EA and a summary of implications that EA imposes on successful software development.

Enterprise Architecture Antipatterns

Trapped in a vicious cycle of bad advice driven worse action and even worse results? Well, read this article to boost your immunity and get the results EA can deliver.

A Simple Guide To Enterprise Architecture

This paper provides a summary of enterprise architecture, outlining what it is, what the benefits are, and a few pointers towards best practice. This paper also touches on the subject of enablers such as architecture frameworks and meta-models for those readers who want to delve deeper.

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