Case Study – Business Strategy Alignment with IT Strategy

CIOs are required to align technology strategy with business strategy - that is a pre-requisite for IT to deliver business value. There are many frameworks and methodologies to implement Business IT alignment. This paper presents another take at this issue. It proposes a framework for business IT alignment and to assess progress of this effort over time. It applies this maturity model to a global company to see if it works.

  • What is business strategy?
  • Why develop a enterprise strategy?
  • How to formulate and implement business strategy?
  • What is IT strategy?
  • Why formulate an IT strategy?
  • How to formulate and implement IT strategy?
  • Why align business strategy with IT strategy?
  • How to align business strategy with IT strategy?
  • How to assess progress of business IT alignment?
  • How does a global company deliver results using business IT alignment?

The case study details the working of a global corporation and its IT organization to understand how business IT alignment works and its impact on value. Excellent example to learn from!

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