IT Alignment Maturity Model

How to Assess Business IT Alignment

This paper proposes an assessment approach for business IT alignment that is based on input from key stakeholders from across the organization. It shares the results from case studies applying this technique. Good read for the CIO to understand that without validation alignment is not real.

Case Study – Business Strategy Alignment with IT Strategy

This case study proposes a framework for business IT alignment and test alignment maturity over time. An excellent resource for CIOs to understand how to align business strategy with IT strategy and assess progress of resulting value delivery. (150 pages)

IT Assessment to Drive an IT Cost Optimization Strategy

This comprehensive example demonstrates the process of conducting an IT Assessment and using it to drive a strategic plan for information technology (IT) that optimizes costs while driving the organization's business strategy. (150 pages)

State of Business IT Alignment Study

This global study explores the state of business IT alignment across industry – how well do companies align business with IT? what factors does an enterprise find the easiest to excel in and which the hardest?

The Strategic Management Maturity Model

The Strategic Management Maturity Model (SMMM) complements the Balanced Scorecard framework by providing an assessment of an organization’s relative position in terms of strategic management in a peer group. SMMM also provides insight into best practices by benchmarking across organization or departments.

Measuring Business-IT Alignment

This paper presents a tool – based on the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) – to assess the maturity of business IT alignment i.e. how well-integrated IT is with the company’s goals?

Does Business IT Alignment Vary By Business Type?

This research paper explores an interesting question: does business and IT strategy integration differ by the way an organization creates value? In other words, do some types of businesses require a higher level of business and IT strategy integration while some others can make do with a lower level?

A Metamodel for Business IT Alignment Assessment

This paper proposes a metamodel based on Jerry N. Luftman’s strategic business and information technology (IT) alignment assessment approach and connects it to enterprise architecture planning.

Business and IT Alignment

The authors’ research provides interesting insight into business it alignment: 1) there is no silver bullet to business it alignment 2) business it alignment requires