Case Study – Implementing IT Governance Using the COBIT Framework

This comprehensive Cobit Framework implementation example provides detailed discussion on IT Governance and implementing it in the enterprise using Cobit

  • What is IT Governance?
  • Why is IT Governance important i.e. how does it add value to the enterprise?
  • What is the best way to implement IT Governance i.e. how to design the IT Governance model best suited for your organization?
  • What is the Cobit framework?
  • How does Cobit address IT Governance requirements?
  • How to adapt Cobit for your organization?
  • How to implement Cobit?

The connection between IT Governance, Cobit, and business value is assumed. This IT Governance example makes this connection clear and real using a real life implementation. Excellent reference for the CIO who wants to use Cobit to implement IT Governance in their company. 

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