IT Governance Implementation

IT Governance Presentation Example

This is an excellent sample of presenting the role, structure, achievements of IT Governance in the enterprise. Excellent Read for CIOs who want to learn how to effectively communicate with their peers and organization. (100 pages) This sample presentation of…

Case Study – Implementing Multiple IT Governance Frameworks

This comprehensive report explores the issues in implementing multiple Information Technology Governance Frameworks (IT Governance Frameworks) and using a study of IT Governance Framework implementation across multiple organizations proposes best practices to extract maximum business value from these frameworks. (100+ Pages)

Practical Considerations in Implementing Governance

What to expect when implementing IT Governance? What to do about it? This chapter discusses governing governance! It provides examples of the activities, and results of implementing governance in different organizations and lessons learned for others to consider. The focus is on corporate governance but the lessons can be adapted for IT governance. Great discussion!

Case Study: IT Governance Implementation

This excellent case study depicts the information technology governance framework and model implemented at an enterprise level. What elements are important? How are they implemented? what do they look like? An excellent place for a CIO to start or modify implementation of IT Governance in their enterprise.

Case Study: IT Governance Implementation Model

This case study discusses the evaluation and selection of an information technology governance model for an enterprise. An excellent description of the IT governance model selected for implementation is provided which can be used as a framework or template for a CIO to use to guide the implementation of IT governance in their enterprise.

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