Cloudrise: Rewards and Risks at the Dawn of Cloud Computing

"The Accenture Institute for High Performance (with the help in China of the Chinese Institute of Electronics) surveyed business leaders from 669 large organizations in nine countries and more than 20 industries.

While not every company can be a leader in providing cloud services like Google, Amazon or Apple, clouds will undoubtedly change not just companies but entire industries as executives better understand how they can use this powerful technology."

The cloud computing research report discusses the following:

  • At the dawn of cloud computing
  • What is cloud computing?
  • Operational excellence: Advantages from the cloud
  • Strategic reach: Using the cloud to win customers and enter markets
  • Security: Responding to cloud risks
  • Leadership: Turning potential to impact
  • Clouds, countries and competitiveness
  • Transforming the future of business
  • Case studies
    • Global Pharmaceutical Company
    • China Ocean Shipping Company
  • Industry use of cloud computing


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