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e-Book: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

This e-book discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on the labor force – what is changing? why is it changing? how will it impact worker? how should we adapt? Excellent discussion for the CIO who is going to be tasked with bringing this disruptive technology to the enterprise. (100+ pages)

Case Study – Implementing Cloud Computing

This case study explores the key decisions related to the implementation of cloud computing. An excellent discussion for the CIO who wants to understand the business and technical issues related to cloud computing. (150 pages)

e-Book – A Framework for Strategic Infrastructure Management

This e-book proposes a strategic approach to infrastructure management as opposed to a cost-centric or enablement approach currently prevalent in many organizations. CIOs, leaders of an internal support function can learn why it is important to take a strategic view to both the IT function and IT Infrastructure. Excellent Read!! (400 pages)

Healthcare Industry Security Survey (2016)

This annual survey tracks the state of security in healthcare organizations to learn what is coming down the security pike, how are others planning for it, how best to plan for it. An excellent resource for CIOs across industry to create a robust security capability.

Cybersecurity Survey (2016)

This comprehensive survey explores the emerging cybersecurity threats and mechanisms to cope with them to prevent harm to the enterprise. It will help CIOs understand, predict, prevent, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats.

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