Demystifying the Cloud: The Meanings Myths and Opportunities in Cloud Computing

This paper presents the views of cloud computing practitioners - people in the thick of things who see some things a casual observer might not. Their views on the state of cloud computing and its future are very interesting indeed.<br />
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The paper focused on the following questions:<br />
- What does &quot;cloud computing&quot; mean to you?<br />
- What are the benefits of using &quot;cloud computing&quot;?<br />
- What are the challenges ahead for &quot;cloud computing&quot;?<br />
- What opportunities does &quot;cloud computing&quot; offer?<br />
- How will concerns such as governance, security, availability affect the future of cloud computing?<br />
- How can we break up the cloud so it can be adopted at the department level?<br />
- What are the key barriers to the adoption of cloud computing?<br />
- Will dominant players affect the adoption and benefit realization from cloud computing?<br />
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Very good read!<br />
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