e-Book: A Primer on the Internet of Things

This e-Book provides an in-depth introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT). CIOs can learn how to use it to create value for the enterprise. Excellent Read! (50+ pgs)

This overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) will help you understand:

  • What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • Why is Internet of Things (IoT) critical to business success?
  • What are the key elements of its implementation?
  • What are the key issues one must address before its implementation?

This discussion provides insight into the opportunity and challenges using the Internet of Things (IoT) to help you effectively harness its potential. MUST Read!

Documents are in common file formats such as Microsoft Word (doc), Powerpoint (ppt), Excel (xls,csv,xlsx), and Adobe pdf. 1

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