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IT Operations

e-Book: Why Cloud Computing?

This e-book discusses cloud computing fits in to enterprise computing and creates more value for the business. (50 pages)

e-Book: What is Cloud Computing?

This e-book provides an in-depth introduction to cloud computing explaining core concepts that CIOs must understand before they embark upon their cloud journey. MUST Read! (100 pages)

Introduction to Information Security

This presentation provides a basic overview of threats facing organizations and how to deal with them. A very good introduction to basic concepts in information security.

e-Book: Managing Trust in the Cloud

This analysis explores the mechanisms to maintain control over cloud computing. This is a good discussion for the CIO to follow because control is critical to ensuring the delivery of value from cloud computing. (100 pgs)

Five Steps to Cybersecurity

This document provides a five step process to secure the enterprise from cyber attacks. Written for senior executives it can serve as a guide to address cybersecurity risks at your organization. CIOs can apprise themselves of industry standards, best practices, and an effective process used for cybersecurity.

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