This IT business case guide is part of the Demand and Value Assessment Methodology (DAM/VAM) Methodology. It covers business case initiation.

It covers the following topics:

- Define the scope of the Business Case and its functional outcomes
- Define project governance
- Establish a Business Case Development Team
- Develop a Consultation Strategy
- Develop a Project Plan
- Manage risks

"To develop a carefully considered and rigorous Business Case, it is important that you assemble a Business Case Development Team at an early stage that will take responsibility for developing the Business Case. The resources you devote to the Business Case will largely depend on the size of the proposed outcomes/deliverables. This Supporting Guidance includes a number of tasks to help you assemble your Business Case Development team and establish project processes and a Project Plan and should be read in conjunction with the ICT Business Case Guide (the Guide). The outcome of these tasks will provide the foundation for the development of the Business Case and the project management arrangements for the implementation phase. For this reason, the tasks in this supporting guidance should also take into account the  implementation phase. This will provide a basis for the project supporting information developed in Step 4 of the Guide. While the tasks outlined below are essential to the development of a robust Business Case, you may chose to use your agency’s existing internal procedures, where they exist and are appropriate to the Business Case development. If you use your own internally approved processes to undertake Business Case Initiation, you should ensure that you include an overview of these processes as an appendix to the final version of the main Business Case."

Documents are in common file formats such as Microsoft Word (doc), Powerpoint (ppt), Excel (xls,csv,xlsx), and Adobe pdf. 1

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